Reiki (pronounced Ray/Key) is a light touch or no touch Japanese healing technique that helps to balance the mind/body/spirit, through a gentle yet effective flow of the Universal Life Energy. With NO affiliation to religion, this Japanese healing technique is a holistic healing practice that has now spread worldwide. Many hospitals from UCLA Medical Center, Duke Integrative Medicine, to Children's Hospital Boston and Anne Arundel Medical Center are now offering Reiki services to their patients. Energy flows through the practitioner's hands and into the energy field of the human, animal, plant, or object. Think electromagnetic/vibrations or even radio waves.


We Are Energy and our energy can easily become stagnant or negatively charged, which is why it is important to clear our energy fields, transmuting it back into positive, loving energy. Our bodies can create blockages due to fear, self-doubt, disbelief, and hurtful situations. These blockages affect us emotionally and physically. Reiki affects the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states. 


Do you have an important presentation/meeting coming up? Perhaps a series of tests that you are quite anxious about or perhaps a situation that is particularly trying at this time, Reiki may be for you. Stress can be a huge factor in many illnesses; if this describes your current state of being, Reiki may be for you. Do you lack mental clarity or self-esteem? Are you dealing with a serious illness, pre or post surgery? If you are experiencing sleep issues, fatigue, or are in need of pain reduction, Reiki may be for you. If you need emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual healing, Reiki may be for you.