Animal Reiki


Animals absolutely love Reiki and respond very well to it. The animal will usually become still, letting you know when they have had enough. Some animals may not want touch, however. Reiki can be sent as a Distance Reiki session, just like for humans. 


Animals benefit from Reiki in a variety of ways. Reiki can be administered for the well-being and quality of life. Reiki will help restore the body and help ease the suffering of an animal in pain. Injury, surgery, anxiety, high strung or depressed, all may be helped with Reiki. Perhaps a rescue animal needs some special attention, Reiki does wonders for these animals. 


Then there may be the older animal that could use a boost of vitality. Or perhaps, you loved one is ready to pass on. Reiki can smooth with the transition. Has your animal friend lost his mate or best friend? 



Please be advised that these services are not a substitute for medical treatment or medications.